The average cost of a shunt-related hospital admission is1


The incidence of shunt malfunction within two years is2


The probability of shunt malfunction within 12 years is3


The total cost of shunt surgeries in the U.S. exceeds4


Big Innovation & Peace of Mind in a small package

Discover the technology behind our patent-protected ReFlow™* Ventricular system, and find out what the future holds for Anuncia.

ReFlow is compatible with all hydrocephalus shunts
Hydrocephalus Association raises awareness, #nomorebs

"CSF shunts have saved the lives of thousands of children and adolescents and reduced morbidity in tens of thousands more. However, efforts to limit the frequency and potential impact of shunt failure for these patients has fallen short. Anuncia's innovative technology is designed to restore flow by mimicking the cough reflex we all use to protect our airways. It is encouraging that it works in the operating room just like it does in bench-top and in vivo studies."

Co-Founder, Anuncia & Pediatric Neurosurgeon

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Hydrocephalus Association Connection

June 28 – 30, 2018
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Dr. Joseph Madsen and advisor Jonathan Fleming were recently honored at the 2017 Pediatric Innovation Founder's Dinner for their efforts to bring innovative technology to the clinic to treat Hydrocephalus.

Dr. Madsen's award acceptance speech, in which he speaks about our breakthrough ReFlow™ Ventricular System

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